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Real Economy Lab

The Real Economy Lab is a social enterprise convened by jules Peck whose purpose is to support the coming together of a global unified social change movement to create the next economy. We aim to deliver on our purpose through a strategy of understanding, building and resourcing this movement.

Our platform visualises rich data on emerging practice around the world on all things ‘new economy’ using cutting edge kumu and metamap technology to help make sense of how all these initiatives and movements connect, what they are doing, how and why, with whom and without whom.

The lab’s vision is of an ecologically rich and sustainable, democratic, participative and fair next economy that works for people and planet.

We believe that a necessary condition to reach our vision is that the many different actors already working to realise this next economy should magnify their impact by converging into a more coherent movement for economic transformation that can be greater than the sum of its parts.

The purpose of Lab is to help to join the dots and create the conditions for this convergence to happen and to help catalyse and support this convergence, through an iterative process, learning as we go. At the heart of this is san evolving highly interactive and social web-platform rich with highly visual information, mindmaps and collaboration software. In addition we run a wide variety of online and live events and plan an annual global gathering of the tribes of the next economy.

Depending on definitions, the ‘next economy’ space is already crowded and complex. The niche which the Real Economy Lab has identified needs filling in order to progress next economy work is that of being the connective tissue and perhaps the brain or global village fireplace around which the ‘tribes’ of the next economy can meet, debate, collaborate and develop relationships to become one global movement.

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